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The latest barn quilt represents the Best's - Jenny's parents farmed near Solina and were dairy farmers. They moved from near Toronto in 1957. They farmed under the prefix - Fairwinds Farms - The F in the quilt represents this. The green and brown represent the earth and crops grown on the farm. They milked Holsteins from 1957 - 2015.

Corn is one of there many crops grown on the farm and the "33"Massey tractor was how Russ transported all his equipment from Toronto to Solina via the 401! Couldn't do that today.

The farm succumbed to Hwy #418 in 2015.

We were proud to be part of the Greenbelt Occasion Papers Series- Greenbelt Farmers :Sustaining Soil Health




Day Trips around Toronto in 2018

We were proud to be included in the book - Day Trips around Toronto in 2018. This is an essential guidebook for urban dwellers to help them explore the attractions that lie beyond the city's borders. John Barber has given more that 50 destinations, with a wide variety of interest, that will allow people to explore the country around them at their own pace and mode of transportation.

Farm Family Award Winner

The Bowman Family won the Farm Family Award at the Durham Farm Connections Gala on October 25, 2018 This award is sponsored by the CIBC and acknowledges an intergenerational farm family with a history of progressive achievements and community service.

The Bowman's have been farming in Canada for 161 years. We started near Mount Forest in Egremont Township 1856 and moved to the Durham Region in 1929. Farming is a passion for 5 generations and we are very proud of our agricultural heritage.

The Bowman family were proud to receive the Canadian Farm Family 150 years sign from the Durham Farm Connections in 2017. The group pictured here is from Clarington and is only half of the number of recipients for Clarington.

Our barn quilt is complete and on the barn. The history of Bowmanview Farms is depicted on the family designed wooden quilt block. 1929 -The year the Bowman's came to the area. The chicken and pig representing some of the early livestock on the farm and the beef cow showing that Thomas Bowman started the beef cattle and Eric returned to the beef cattle after raising Holsteins for many years. Eric's Dad ,encouraged by his father in law AJ Tamblyn, started Bowmanview Holsteins and Eric followed those steps until 2005. We chose Angus as there is a strong family tie to the Angus breed through James Bowman. TWEA represents the Bowman's - Thomas, Wilfrid, Eric and Aaron who will be the 4th generation on the farm. Watch as there will be more quilts dotting the countryside in the months to come

We are thrilled to be a part of the � A Country Path�

A Country Path was created by 11 local businesses and Clarington, Durham and Central Counties Tourism. These businesses are very unique and diversified and are looking forward to sharing their individual talents.

The founding members are proud of the path they have designed for you to follow. It will give you a chance to spend time in a rural restful setting and meet the people who work in a profession they too have created.

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