Products for Sale - All meat is sold frozen

Prices and variety of cuts subject to change and availability

Note: We accept payment by Cash Or Cheque or Visa/ Mastercard Only!
Pricing in Canadian Dollars-Current as of April 27 2016


Prime Rib $14.00 lb  
Beef Back Ribs $6.50 lb  
Top Sirloin $13.00 lb  
Sirloin tip $12.00 lb  
Rib Eye $19.50 lb  
Striploin $19.50 lb  
Tenderloin $23.00 lb  
Flank Steak $8.00 lb  


Prime Rib $14.00 lb  
Clod $12.00 lb  
Eye of the Round $10.00 lb  
Sirloin tip $12.00 lb  
Tenderloin $23.00 lb  
Top Sirloin $13.00 lb  
Brisket $10.00 lb  

Ground Meat & Sausages

Patties $15.00
Pkg. of 6
Box of 36 Patties Special Price
Packages (Ground Beef) $8.00 lb.  
and s
Plus Cut and Wrap
$5.25 lb  
*Mild Italian
*Hot Italian
*Honey Garlic
*Sundried Tomato
$9.00 lb  
Dog Food $5.00 pkg.  
Soup Bones $7.00 BAG  
Beef Bacon $9.00 lb.  
Stew Beef $8.00 lb.  

Liver, heart, tongue, soup bones and kidney on availability

Currently in stock we have Chicken Tenders, Breasts, Drumsticks and Thighs. All products are sold frozen. For more info the website is

Yorkshire Valley Chicken Products

  Chicken Breasts and Tenders $24.00 kg  
Skin on chicken thighs, drumsticks and wings $12.00kg  
Chicken pies 700g - $13.75
225g - $5.50
Chicken Nuggets $9.75 box  

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